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    Beautiful Sunset on Lake McConaughy!

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    Fully Remodeled and Formerly known as Pleasant View Lodge

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    Motel Patio

    2500 sq. ft. patio includes three barbecue grills and three fire pits
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    Includes two bars, big screen TV, pool table, foos ball, air hockey. Available for large parties and family reunions.
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    Propane gas firepit

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    Birthday Celebration at Mesa View Lodge

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    Mesa View Camp Area

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    Microwave, two burner stove top, coffee maker, toaster, kitchen table, kitchen sink
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    King Room

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    Sandy Point at Lake Mac

Bruce & Pam Gaylord invite you to Mesa View Lodge at Lake McConaughy located between gate 12 & 13 on highway 92 on the north side of Big Mac, 12 miles East of Lewellen, Nebraska, or 24 miles Northwest of Ogallala, nebraska.

We are not located on state property. We DO allow alcoholic beverages on location.

Deposit required. Due to the tremendous demand, no refunds will be made on cancellation of reservations from Memorial Day through July 4th weekend! Be sure of your reservations during this time period, Please.

Free WiFi


Room Rates:

$85.97 – Regular
$95.02 – Kitchenette

Off Season Rates:

$76.92 – Regular
$85.97 – Kitchenette